Why is a sound system needed?

Most Churches have a need for a sound reinforcement system. These days services are being shared between clergy and congregation and whilst our clergy have largely been trained to project their voices and often have many years of experience of doing so, for most, this is a new and often daunting experience.

Add to this the provision of facilities for those with hearing challenges and clearly a sound system is the most practical method of giving as much assistance to those who take part and clarity of occasion for those listening.

Yes but we’ve heard it is very expensive:

A sound system does not come without cost and we realise it has to take a place in the queue of ‘need to be done jobs’ and ‘desirable’ jobs. Just how much it will cost depends upon the system being installed but at Sound4Churches we always put the customer first and appreciate the financial pressures on Churches. We therefore source high quality equipment at reasonable prices and can usually install a full sound system and induction hearing loop for much less than you might think for a typical parish church, subject to your requirements. We always give a written quotation.

Will we need a Faculty?

In many situations we can avoid the need for a Faculty by using innovative methods of installing the equipment. We survey the site and establish with you how a system can be installed with no interference to the fabric of the building; it will be discreet and unobtrusive. We pride ourselves that the speakers are virtually invisible and the sound ethereal.

Do you cut costs by cutting corners?

Certainly not is the answer. We spend time sourcing high quality equipment and we are often able to obtain substantial discounts which we are happy to pass on to you. We also have spare equipment available to replace your own in the event of a failure so that your sound is uninterrupted. We supply on-site training to those who will operate the equipment and leave a user guide to help those who use it less frequently.

Can I hear an installation you have done?

If you want to hear the sound from a system we have installed we would be happy to give you a location and make the necessary arrangements for you to listen to the system in use. Please use our Contact Form for details.

Why do we need an Induction Loop System?

Quite simply to comply with the Equality Act 2010 and more especially to show that you care for those who have a hearing impairment and who use a hearing aid. The loop will provide a better experience and clarity to those who need it.

What is an Induction Loop?

An induction loop consists of an amplifier, and input source, such as a microphone, and a loop of wire which is extended around the perimeter of an area designated for the purpose, or the whole building. Those with “T” or “MT” position on the hearing aid can convert a magnetic field to sound so in the “T” position they pick up the signal from the input source as sound.

Should the two systems be installed at the same time?

Ideally both systems should be installed together, however since they work separately but conjoined, they can be installed at different times or as funds are available. If a sound system is not included then small microphones are installed in the system to pick up the sound which is then amplified through the loop. In these circumstances only those using hearing aids will hear anything from the amplified sound.

Do we need a licence for the system?

The equipment we use does not require a licence as it conforms to BSI standards. When wireless equipment is used this again conforms to wireless standards and does not require any licence.

How long will it take?

Installations are carried out over one to three days subject to size. We arrange a convenient time, the work is carried out, we clear up, the system is demonstrated and we leave the premises in neat and tidy order.

How much notice do you need?

It is our aim to commence every installation in a timely manner and by mutual arrangement. This could be 4 to 6 weeks from your order, but shorter if you need something more quickly. It would not be unusual for a system to be in place within 6 weeks of initial contact. Obviously the more notice we get the easier arranging the installation becomes.